4 Types of Business Technology to Fuel Growth

When we think about technology in the workplace, we’ve all seen dramatic changes in the past decade. Not so many years ago it was completely normal for employees to be working exclusively on company-provided desktop computers with wired in phones and every document required physical signatures.

Compare the workforce today and employees at all levels of seniority are using a suite of devices, including tablets and mobile phones, to complete their work. Many work remotely or on a hybrid model, so mobility is crucial which means cloud-based software is now replacing centralized programs that must be used on a specific device and cannot be moved from place to place.

Keeping up with the changes means adapting to constant innovation. Here are 4 types of technology businesses are using to fuel growth.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Scheduling, appointment setting, reminders, and invoicing. Not to mention cancellations or rebooking. Many businesses can relate to the administrative load of serving customers and customers are getting used to a contact free booking method.

Set your team up to look like rock stars by using technology to handle calendar bookings, appointment reminders, preparations, arrival notices, as well as dispatching and note keeping for each client. All of this makes your team look like rock stars and your customers will love doing business with you!

2. Community Engagement

Community is a new standard in almost every type of business. Building community from your clients and supporters helps by providing social proof that your legitimate and trustworthy.  Communities help with customer retention, reduce support requests, and most importantly, can fuel growth through referrals. CommuniBee allows organizations to build their own community with built in forums and membership systems.  It is white label capable, so your clients find you in the app stores without the need to develop your own custom app.  

3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

If printing orders, paper estimates, and physically signing documents was the norm, we now see technology adding efficiencies and removing a ton of effort in the back and forth. Consumers expect instant communications, self-service and automated options.   

The Launch57 team assisted a manufacturing company in a custom quote to cash technology which reduced errors, omissions, and streamlined processes, allowing the team to do more with less.

4. Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Training and education in the workplace has had a dramatic shift over the past few years, with entire teams transitioning to remote work and old school onboarding processes needing to be revamped.  The emerging practice of gamified learning, and training programs are becoming widely used and accepted.  Launch57 and the Ontario CLRI at Baycrest entered a strategic partnership to create such a platform. The Learning Inter-Professionally Healthcare Accelerator (LIPHA) offers an innovative, educational platform to tailor virtual simulation and game-based learning for healthcare professionals and students. Curious to know more? You can learn more about the ways LIPHA is transforming training in long term care homes across Ontario here

How do you do this the right way?

Implementing new technology isn’t without its challenges. Asking your employees to adapt to changes in their typical work day can cause stress and even reduce morale if done poorly.   Rolling out software requires a lot of care and planning. Here are some tips for a successful technology product launch.

  • Explain why you’re doing this
  • Create product champions within your team
  • Make training a priority
  • Ensure the leadership team is on board

Technology has a profound effect on how we work and live. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones make our lives easier. As the purchasing power of the younger generations grows, so do their expectations for businesses to adapt to the way they prefer to do business.

The team at Launch57 can help with your transformative technology solutions by customizing software to your business needs. Your employees will thank you for reducing monotonous tasks and improving efficiencies. These changes will allow your business to do more with the team you have, or better yet, be primed for growth!