About Launch57

We are a 100% virtual organization delivering high quality, cost effective multi-platform products and solutions to organizations. We leverage leading technologies enabling us to deliver faster and more affordably.

Launch57 is a SaaS Product Company proudly focused on improving the lives of others through gamified learning and responsible gaming principles

We do this by...

Our solutions are securely cloud hosted and operate on smartphones, tablets and desktops

Serving hundreds of customers, we bring years of experience to every engagement as we leverage our vast library of re-usable functionality, templates and processes. These high-quality, field-tested components are often reused resulting in a solution delivered faster than our competition and at highly competitive prices. We securely host and support everything we deliver, which means you can focus on what’s important to you, your business. 

Our President, Graham Murray, has been a member of TEC Canada since 2017. Being a member of TEC has allowed Launch57 to grow and better support our clients and team in ways that would not have been possible without being part of TEC.

Before Launch57

1998 – Graham Murray formed ARC Business Solutions, a successful IT consulting company comprised of over 100 staff with several offices operating across North America. 

2019 – ARC’s executive recognized it needed to address its strategic and operational focus between its traditional consulting services business and its mobile products division.  

2021 – ARC split off its mobile products division to become an independent company called Launch57. Mr. Murray left ARC to form and lead this new SaaS product company. 

Meet the leadership team

With a focus on diversity and inclusion, our team of professionals is highly experienced in software design, development & support, marketing, customer success, management and sales.

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