We love to help people and organizations realize their humanitarian goals with elegantly designed solutions built using leading technologies.

We support the health of our communities through recruitment, training and upskilling of the healthcare workforce. Lipha helps Long-Term Care professionals and nursing students to improve the lives of our most vulnerable residents.

We help organizations raise more funds through digital online auctions and responsible charitable gaming that combines raffle prizes & 50/50 draws to make fundraising easy and accessible to a larger audience.

Our feature-rich Serious Educational Game (SEG) platform puts the power into the hands of your learning design team to create a gamified learning environment. Immersive themes, visuals, and stories promote ultimate learner engagement and retention. 

The Mobile App That Brings Your Community Together. Create some buzz in your community by keeping members connected and informed with a real time news feed, directory, document management, and more within our community communication app.

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