Reach is our Serious Educational Game Engine

Serious Educational Games (SEG) utilize storytelling and immersive themes to engage users through their learning journey.

A game design with levels, quests, badges and rewards lengthens play time and offers the learner the opportunity to redo quests to improve their score.

Transform your traditional learning modules into a game world that increases learner engagement and retention. Configure features to create a unique game design, an economy, theme and narrative to take your learners on an exciting journey.

Benefits of the Reach platform

Designed to increase learning engagement and retention, its self-authoring design simplifies the management of training progress, rewards, and user success, while streamlining training programs into a multi-platform environment.

Self Authoring

Unlimited Content

Deep Game Economy & Themes

Offline Operability

Training Modules & Reinforcement

Built-in Analytics

Laptop, Tablet, & Mobile Accessible

Quickly & Easily Scalable

We strive for conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), and continue to monitor and improve accessibility features in our Reach platform.

Self-serve theme configuration

Themes are extremely customizable to fully immerse learners in a highly engaging learning experience.

Carthage Theme

Hypatia Theme

Art Deco Theme

Flexible, powerful game engine

Reach allows you to design a compelling game economy and tap into a variety of mechanics to guide, engage and challenge your learners, resulting in better retention.

Channel Partner Program

Do you provide learning and e-learning solutions to your customers? ​Have you considered gamified learning? Using Reach, you can create a gamified learning solution very quickly. 

Products using Reach

The  Learning Inter-Professionally Healthcare Accelerator (LIPHA) is a simulation, coaching and community platform that provides a virtual space with simulated cases and a serious educational game for teams and individuals in any branch of health care to practice caring for virtual patients or residents.

Great for

OurLTC App

Team members and students in health care need quick and easy access to information to do their job well, but COVID-19 infection control measures made paper copy tools and references a thing of the past.

The Ontario Universal Resource App for LTC (OurLTC App) is a free, digital resource tailored for LTC by LTC.


Election Worker Training

A gamified mobile learning solution improving the efficiency of election worker training. Enables training to be taken virtually – anywhere and anytime. Progress and test results available for management to review and be confident their workers are fully ready for the next election! We’ve seen the system easily handle more than 10,000 learners at one time.


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