Alberta Innovates

A big thank you to Alberta Innovates

Launch57’s President, Graham Murray, wishes to thank Alberta Innovates, and in particular Rick Davidson our TDA, for the support and grants awarded to our company over these past 12 months. Without this assistance we would not have been able to proceed as quickly with our newly released raffles product supporting fundraisers across North America – Raffle Rocket.

We also benefited from another grant and hired a senior commercialization associate, Ian Halliday, to help us lead commercial sales of our products such as: LIPHA-Gamified Learning in Long Term Care, Reach – Serious Educational Game Platform, Bid Beacon – Digital Silent Auction App and Raffle Rocket – Raffles and 50/50s App.

We are a fast growing software product (SaaS) company based out of Edmonton with a focus on improving the lives of others through gamified learning and responsible gaming applications. We greatly appreciate what AB Innovates has done for us and we will honour these contributions by becoming another Alberta success story!

Stay tuned for more significant updates very soon…