Exciting Fundraising Initiatives Take Flight with Edmonton Riverhawks and Launch57 

This season, the Edmonton Riverhawks are soaring to new heights with dynamic fundraising activities powered by Launch57’s cutting-edge products: Raffle Rocket, Bid Beacon, and CommuniBee Suite. With 27 home games this season, fans and supporters will have an array of opportunities to contribute to the Riverhawks Community Foundation’s mission while enjoying the thrills of the baseball season. 

About the Edmonton Riverhawks Baseball Club

The Edmonton Riverhawks, a prominent baseball team in the West Coast League, have garnered a passionate fan base with their exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Beyond the diamond, the Riverhawks are deeply committed to the Edmonton community, and have partnered with the Riverhawks Community Foundation to support youth leadership development through community sports. With a priority on baseball and softball, the Riverhawks Community Foundation provides grants to local youth sports and wellness organizations. 

Fundraising with Launch57

To maximize their fundraising potential, the Riverhawks are using Launch57’s suite of innovative tools to modernize and enhance fundraising efforts and community engagement all season long. Here’s how these tools will be used throughout the season:

Raffle Rocket: Exciting Online 50/50 Raffles at Every Home Game

Fans can look forward to the thrill of participating in an online 50/50 raffle during each of the Riverhawks’ 27 home games. Raffle Rocket, Launch57’s premier online raffle platform, offers an easy and engaging way for fans to support the foundation while vying for the grand prize. Each raffle promises to bring added excitement to game days, creating a win-win situation for both the foundation and the fans.

Bid Beacon: Competitive Silent Auctions Throughout the Season

In addition to game-day raffles, the Riverhawks will host several silent auctions over the course of the season using Bid Beacon, Launch57’s interactive, online auction platform. These auctions will feature a variety of sought-after items and experiences, from exclusive Riverhawks memorabilia to one-of-a-kind experiences like throwing the “ceremonial first pitch. How cool is that? Bid Beacon ensures a seamless and competitive bidding process, making it easy for supporters to participate and contribute from anywhere.

CommuniBee Suite: Streamlined Fundraising and Community Engagement

CommuniBee Suite acts as the central hub for all the Riverhawks fundraising activities. This multi-purpose solution allows the Riverhawks Community Foundation to collect online donations over the course of the season, while also managing all their fundraising initiatives mentioned above. CommuniBee allows the Riverhawks Community Foundation to efficiently coordinate their fundraising efforts game by game, ensuring maximum impact and community involvement. 

About Launch57

Based in Edmonton Alberta, Launch57 empowers people and organizations to achieve their goals with elegantly designed solutions. Through products like Raffle Rocket, Bid Beacon, and CommuniBee Suite, Launch57 offers comprehensive tools designed to enhance engagement, streamline processes, and maximize fundraising potential. 

Our entire team is thrilled to rally behind the Edmonton Riverhawks to make this season unforgettable for both the team and fans. If you’re in the Edmonton area during baseball season, don’t miss out on the Edmonton Riverhawks experience!

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