GrowthX Revenue Accelerator Program Wrap-up

Prepared to Scale!

Our team really enjoyed being a part of the GrowthX – Revenue Accelerator Program, sponsored by Alberta Innovates. This was a 16-week program that started in April and wrapped up in July of this year (2023).

Over the weeks, our team had access to an online library of resources, templates, and video to help understand and develop go-to-market strategies. We also had a dedicated coach to help guide us over this 16-week journey. With GrowthX’s practical go-to-market playbooks, strategies, and templates, we are now better positioned and can confidentially proceed knowing that our product market fit, ideal customers, market messaging (UVP/USP), sales pipeline processes are understood and clearly defined. 

We can now be more intentional with our growth plans, and be better prepared to scale. 

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” 

This would not have been possible without the help and support of the GrowthX Team. Big thanks to George (our coach), Jeanette Renshaw (Partner, Director, Startup Growth), Max Menke (Founding Partner) and Andrew Goldner (CEO, Founding Partner) .

Overall, the program was great and our team would highly recommend that any startup consider signing up for this program.