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A hub of innovation and expertise, dedicated to engineering top-tier cloud solutions that embody the core values of cost-efficiency, robust security, and seamless availability.

Commitment to Excellence

We believe in delivering excellence without excess. Our approach balances cutting-edge solutions with cost-effectiveness, ensuring that our clients receive maximum value without compromise. Our documented services span a broad spectrum, from strategic foresight in planning to meticulous execution leveraging leading technologies and best practices.

Services Offered

Tailored guidance to align your technology initiatives with business goals, ensuring a secure and future-proof digital trajectory.

Crafting bespoke disaster recovery plans and handbooks to safeguard your data and operations.

Detailed evaluations to ensure your technology assets are utilized efficiently and compliant with licensing regulations.

Mastery in Microsoft 365 suite of products, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Intune, and many others to enhance collaboration and streamline operations.

Smooth transition of email services to the cloud with a focus on system optimization and data hygiene, resulting in significant cost savings in license fees, performance, and storage costs.

Comprehensive assessments and fortification strategies to protect against evolving digital threats.

Our specialized skillset in Manufacturing Integration focuses on seamlessly connecting shop floor machinery with backend information systems. We excel in extracting real-time operational data from manufacturing equipment, translating it into valuable insights for analysis, billing, reporting, and auditing. This expertise not only enhances operational efficiency and decision-making but also supports predictive maintenance and compliance management, all tailored to fit both legacy and modern manufacturing environments.

Robust and resilient cloud architectures designed for uninterrupted business continuity.

Implementation and management of networks, firewalls, and high-availability systems using VMware, Hyper-V, and Citrix technologies.

Expert handling of datacenter operations, hybrid environments, and cross-forest migrations.

Versatile training modules, including in-class sessions, online courses, and instructional videos, to empower your team with knowledge and skills.

"We specialize in crafting high-performing, secure cloud infrastructures that prioritize the longevity and scalability of your business's technological framework."

Graham Murray

President & CEO, Launch57

Our Team

Our Technology Consulting Division is staffed with a carefully selected team of experts, dedicated to delivering high-quality manufacturing integration services.

Project Managers: Ensuring seamless execution and timely delivery of projects.

Technical Specialists: Fully certified to provide the technological backbone, customizing solutions, leveraging best-practices to meet your specific manufacturing needs.

Senior Consultants: offer strategic insights and practical solutions, drawing from extensive industry experience.

Trainers: ensuring our customers are well-equipped to utilize these systems effectively, ensuring long-term success and efficiency.

Together, this team embodies a blend of innovation, expertise, and client-focused service.

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Our Promise

With our Technology Consulting Division, your organization gains a strategic partner that not only understands the intricacies of advanced cloud solutions but also values the trust you place in us to manage your technological needs. 

Our commitment to high availability, stringent security measures, and continuous cost optimization is unwavering. We are not just consultants; we are architects of the resilient, agile, and secure technological landscape your business deserves.

Cyber Security Self Assessment

Is Your Business Cyber-Secure? Take Our Free Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Test Today! 

Why Take the Test?

In an era where digital threats are escalating and evolving, the safety of your business’s data and operations is paramount. Don’t leave your cybersecurity to chance. With our comprehensive Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Test, you can gauge your business’s current defense status against the myriad of cyber risks in today’s digital landscape. 

Stay Ahead of Threats: Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and frequent. Understand where you stand in this ever-changing environment. 

Identify Weaknesses: Our assessment helps pinpoint potential vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity strategy. 

Peace of Mind: Gain confidence in your business’s ability to protect itself against cyber threats. 

Are You Safe? 

It’s not just about being secure; it’s about knowing you’re secure. Our self-assessment test is your first step towards a more robust and resilient cyber defense.

Start your assessment and fortify your defenses now.

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