Women In Tech: A Gender Gap

It is without a doubt there is a shortage of females in the technology sector. But why is that? A simple, perhaps obvious, reason for this is because there is a scarcity of females in the tech classroom. A recent study by PWC indicated that just 27% of women would consider a career in technology, compared to 61% of males, and just 3% would say that this is their first choice 

A career in technology doesn’t necessarily mean coding or developing software. Tech is filled with opportunities that could appeal to women, such as Project Management, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Graphic Design and Marketing. All of these roles are key to a successful software company, and they require no coding skills.  

Another important consideration is that it is critical for organizations to emphasize the positive contributions that tech can provide. For half of women, the most important factor when deciding their future career is the need for their work to be meaningful and have a positive influence on the world. The Tech sector offers this. Another key attraction is work-life-balance. Many tech positions can be executed remotely lessening the impact on managing the home-front. At Launch57, all staff work remote with the majority from Edmonton. This means we can still build a strong culture, and get the job done. 

We strongly agree with the importance of the tech space positively contributing to our society as a whole and is why our diverse team is focused on working together to create a suite of software that improves the lives of others. 

At Launch57, we have women in various roles throughout the company, from Developer, to Quality Assurance, to Help Desk Management, and Human Resources, and we are proud to contribute to narrowing the gender gap.