Edmonton ranks fastest-growing tech sector in North America, makes CBRE’s top 50 list for the first time

The article by Dustin Cook with Post Media states that Edmonton is an ideal spot for growing tech companies, and we can’t agree more!   We highly recommend checking out his full article which is linked here.

“There’s a cost advantage to being in Alberta. You look at residential housing prices or rental rates that are being achieved, I think there’s a very effective and efficient way for people to live, work and play in the city and we need to capitalize on that,” Young said. ‘The big thing in general is we just need to get people back into the core of our city to make sure there’s that vibrancy here.”   (Cook, 2021, p.1)

If you’re not from Edmonton you might wonder, is there vibrancy there?  We asked the team at Launch57 and the response was a resounding YES! We pulled together some of our personal favorite things about Edmonton:  

Edmonton’s Hidden Gems

  • Green Onion Cakes (and the food scene in general!) If you haven’t checked out the original Green Onion Cake by The Green Onion Cake Man you should!  (they even offer delivery!)   With it’s growing popularity, you can now experience this delightful cross between a pancake and bagel at many restaurants around the city.  
  • The Trees   Full of lush ravines, gorgeous park spaces, and an untouched river valley with a fully connected trail system. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by nature mere steps from nearly every neighbourhood.
  • Ultimate Hockey Town  Of course the Edmonton Oilers have some of the most loyal fans in the country, but our world class Ice District is a sight to be seen as well!   Aside from NHL level, hockey is a favorite pastime to play and watch at every level in Edmonton.
  • Winter Wonderland  Edmonton is a winter city, and not in the sleepy kind of way.   Some cities basically shut down for winter, not Edmonton, we have a plethora of winter festivals and activities from skating, skiing, biking, snowshoeing and so many festivals. Dress for the weather and you’ll be glad you got out to explore!
  • Long Sunny Days   Being a northern city we have some of the longest summer days, at it’s latest, sunset happens around 9:55 pm on summer solstice giving so much opportunity to get out and enjoy the many patios and parks, or even just your backyard after work!
  • The Arts Scene  Home to one of the most eclectic and engaging art scenes imaginable.   With a growing number of murals, markets and art installations popping up there’s no shortage of bright and beautiful sights to see.  Artists from all backgrounds and mediums share their work through the multitude of local galleries, theatres, festivals and pop ups available year round for everyone explore and enjoy.
  • Diversity in the City  Edmonton has a very diverse and international community, with people from around the globe making it home and building their lives here!

In summary, we as a team wholeheartedly agree that Edmonton is deserving of the list and we are excited and proud to be a part of the growing tech scene in our hometown!