Introducing LIPHA, the virtual simulation-based learning platform

An evidence-based and effective virtual simulation-based learning platform

The Learning Inter-Professionally Healthcare Accelerator (LIPHA) offers an innovative, educational platform to tailor virtual simulation and game-based learning for healthcare professionals and students. LIPHA can be adapted for use in any healthcare sector, serving any clinical population.

As a rapid workforce deployment tool, LIPHA can be adapted to meet various workforce needs, such as micro-credentialing, orienting and onboarding new hires, virtual student learning, upskilling staff and on-demand training of individuals who may require specialized knowledge. Through its modernized training approach, LIPHA can equip workforces to meet evolving priorities, such as addressing the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, by reducing duplication, scaling training resources and rapidly deploying new content.

Self-authoring and self-serve dashboards enable organizations and educators to tailor content, language and materials to their target learners. LIPHA supports self-paced learning in a digital open world. Learners have multiple opportunities to rehearse competencies and receive instant feedback and rewards. Educators can monitor and respond to performance outcomes through extensive learning analytics.

Currently, LIPHA is being deployed to train care providers and nurses in Ontario’s long-term care sector. This initiative includes:

  • Orientation of new and recent hires, and
  • Delivery of virtual student learning experiences to augment traditional clinical placements.

The goal is to strengthen the LTC sector and optimize quality of care and living for older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. For this initiative, the learning packages in LIPHA were tailored by the Ontario team to enhance staff and student performance outcomes focused on relational, safe and team-based care.

LIPHA can also be used to train home-based formal and informal caregivers to help them build skills to perform more efficiently and effectively. This will reduce strain on healthcare systems and reduce caregiver burden and stress. LIPHA can be adopted for use by many other types of sectors and industries as well.

LIPHA is brought to you through a strategic relationship between Launch57 and the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research & Innovation in Long-Term Care at Baycrest

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